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R700 Business Solution – Fleet Managers 

Our External Fleet Managers have years of experience running and managing some of the largest fleets in the UK. They are available for large and small projects. they will save you thousands of pounds, improve the efficiency of your business and improve your reputation.

With experience to effectively manage: Company Cars, Pool Cars, HGV, Commercials, Ambulances, Public Sector Engineering Vehicle, Plant, Minibuses, PSV, and Grey Fleet.

They can Implement procedures and policies to ensure that at all times the fleet is operated safely, efficiently and is fully compliant with all relevant transport, Fleet, H&S and Environmental regulations.

Our fleet managers have Strong leadership and influencing skills, with the ability to coach, facilitate and create opportunities for learning for others. We use tested continuous improvement processes with analytical and clear communication skills

Fleet Management Operations Structure and setup

We have experience setting up professional fleet management departments and resources by obtaining the best fleet transport people, whilst ensuring the department structure and manning levels are appropriate.

Procurement and Disposal Management

Our replacement reports, obtain best in class vehicles, create detailed specifications that meet the operational needs. We use total whole life cost to ensure value for money and know how to create and manage tenders.

Our disposal processes obtain best resell values and we ensure best audit methods are always followed.

Risk Insurance, Accident and H&S Management

Our Managers know how to control risk, accidents and driver behavior including the use of: risk assessments, telematic tracking, CCTV, accident detection systems, accident management, T/Party management, accident causes investigations and MID recording.

We can carryout insurance company reviews and negotiation of premium agreements, Insurance risk reviews, reserve management and claim investigations/management,


Systems, Procedures and Policy

We can provide procedures, handbooks, policy documents, fleet strategy documents and continuous improvement systems to constantly evolve efficiencies and operate a safe, cost effective operation. We will ensure vehicle life cycles reflect the vehicles use and total whole life cost profile. We have various training processes: tool box talks, on the job, classroom and on line training.

We understand EU/UK legislation, regulations and standards including: road transport, operator’s licence, section 19/22 permits, environmental legislation, health and safety regulations etc.

We have experience managing transport operations that need change, expansion, outsourcing, insourcing or merging to meet the business need.

We can create and development fleet and transport software support systems to efficiently manage your vehicles, drivers, risk, incidents, spend and management information.

Our managers can introduce or improve maintenance control including: procedure documents, IT systems and software, people management. Skills in the management of maintenance spend, recording, negotiation, suppliers, WLC and short term hire relationship cost, PPM via: vehicle, area, driver and type.  MOT management, PMI schedules production, etc.


Supplier Management

Leading or supporting the management of third party suppliers who support the operation. Development of specifications and conversion with end user and supplier. Establish relationships with vehicle and equipment manufacturers and suppliers to ensure cost effective vehicles and services to the wider business.

We have experience with supplier and manufacturer: negotiations, contracts, addendums and service level agreements documentation.

We understand contract-hire management: negotiating with your suppliers and how to managing the contract.

Client and Customer Management

We can produce complex documents for fleet and transport contracts (current bids documents available for 50-100 clients). we can produce client tender presentations and further documents that give recommendations to clients around best practice, transport/fleet changes, specifications, cost savings initiatives etc.

We have commercial business knowledge that provide opportunities to increase third party work and develop relationships with key customers of the organisation.


Project & Change Management

We have extensive knowledge of change and project management: including: operator’s licences set up and management, section 19/22 permits, replacement reports, fuel reviews, taxation management, P11D reporting, car ownership schemes, lease v purchase comparisons, salary sacrifice, outsource/insource, electric vehicle introduction and management, environmental reports, commissioning and decommissioning of: workshops, transport operations and fleet departments, FORS application/management.


Vehicle workshop Layout

Vehicle Workshop Management

We can manage in-house workshops (light, goods, plant, bus). We know how to manage workshop technicians and workshop office teams. We can provide training, increase performance, reduce cost, improve and fully manage health and safety, recruit people, set up new workshop processes, improve wellbeing/loyalty and increase efficiency.

We have complex documents available to manage safety, risk and increase efficiency. We can introduction an MOT service function to include class five testing capability. We have systems to reduced the vehicle downtime and associated costs substantially by implementing preventative maintenance and smart service inspection schedules. We know how to Introduction a “One Stop Shop” breakdown facility with the AA/RAC. We have implemented and managed impress stock, saving money on unused stock.

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