How much will it cost?

Fleet & Transport Consultant – In the UK we currently charge £400 per day for consultants

CPC Transport ManagerTo meet your Operators Licence requirements we can provide qualified Transport Managers to manage your O’ Licence. Fees start from £350 per month for one vehicle. See Fees

Management of Bus and Minibus Section 19/22 Permits – £350 per day

Fleet Administrator£14 per hour for admin support staff

Fleet and Transport Project Management – £300-£400 per day depending on the type of support you may need.

Fleet Savings Project – 10-25% of the overall saving achieved in the first year

Bespoke Policy Document – £200-£900 depending on the document size but as guideline we normally charge the following:

  • Bridge Strike Policy £200
  • Telematic Tracking Policy £400
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy £400
  • Driver handbook £500-£900
How long will I need to use you?

As long as you want and need us, there is no contract or obligation. For example, if you are a new business that requires a Goods or PSV Operators Licence and maybe help with all the processes to support your Operators Licence obligations then we would expect this to take between one and three months. Where-as if you just need some compliance and process documents you may only need us for a day or two.

What experience and qualifications do you hold?

We are very experience, qualified Business and Fleet Transport Managers.

Our qualifications are in Transport Law, Transport Operations, Fleet Management and hold international Goods and PSV CPC certificates.

We are Qualified Members of Institute of Road Transport Engineers, Institute of Motor Industry, Society Of Operation Engineers. We hold International CPC Goods & PSV certificates, we are qualified mechanical engineers and we have managed large vehicle workshops.

Extensive experience in the Private Sector, Public Sector and Leasing Industry. Managed Large Commercial Fleets between 500-7,500 vehicles.

Many of us are qualified heavy & light Vehicle Technicians.

What is your Approach?

Our approach is to first understand your needs, your challenges and your operation. We don’t just occupy a seat we are there to get stuck in, make you safe, cost effective, compliant and make a big difference. It is normal practice for us to review your policies and processes and then, working with you implement new ones.

Where do you operate?

For Fleet Management, Transport Management advice, Fleet Management documents and on-line support we operate anywhere in the UK.

Our External Transport Managers who cover all types of Operators Licence’s mainly operate in the South East of the UK and London.


What are Section 19/22 Bus Permits?

Organisations that provide transport on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis (Like many Schools) can apply for permits under Section 19 or Section 22 of the Transport Act 1985. These permits allow the holder to operate transport services for hire or reward without the need for a full public service vehicle operator’s (PSV ‘O’) licence. Please see a link to the Gov Site that explains Section 19/22 Permits: 

Further Questions ?

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