Transport Managers – External, Temporary or Permanent CPC Cover

We have experienced and qualified CPC Transport Manager available to manage you National or International Operators Licence or Minibus Permits. This can be on a permanent basis or, on a temporary basis whilst you recruit for a vacant position. All our Transport Managers are fully qualified CPC Holders and fully understand how to effectively manage your Operator’s Licence, additionally they have much more to offer than a basic CPC Holder.

We believe that allocating the correct resource is extremely important, allocating the wrong resource, can be dangerous and a costly area to make a mistake. That is why we pay special attention to the specialist skills our people must have and who we allocate to manage your Operators Licence and Operation. Using an External CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) holder is an acceptable way of meeting your compliance and provides a cost-effective solution without having to employing a full time dedicated staff member (Link to External Transport Manager Fees). 

One of the first tasks they will carryout is a review of your operation. Please see a link to the review process: (Operators Licence or Section 19 Review).

Our Transport Managers will also review your policies and processes and implement new ones as required, we will also ensure that you are compliant with your Operators Licence or Section 19 Minibus Permits.  Additionally they can review all the associated health and safety legislation, training and risk management. They can also train your staff to manage these processes in-house and assist you with vehicle replacements.

When you hire a R700 Transport Manager you also get the backing and support of the whole team who have access to thousands of fleet management documents.

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