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We are Fleet and Transport Consultants with award winning results and years of experience available to help you when you need it most.

What can you expect?


Our temporary Transport Fleet Managers and Fleet Consultants are available to manage your fleet and cover your Operators Licence.

Our approach is to first understand your needs, your challenges and your business. Looking at what works well and what doesn’t and then working to provide practical fleet and transport management solutions.

Our Transport Managers don’t just occupy a seat we are there to get stuck in and make a difference. 

We can review your policies and processes or even implement new ones if required, we can ensure that you are compliant with your Operators Licence, Section 19 Minibus Permits and with all the associated health and safety legislation, we  could even conduct regular audits, train your staff and assist you with your vehicle replacement program. 

When you hire a R700 Transport Consultant you get the backing and support of the whole team so you will not be disappointed.  

Transport and Fleet Managers operating nationally within the UK and internationally. Keeping you safe and legal on the road. 

Call us today for and an informal chat or send us an Email we are here ready to help you.

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